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Why They Call Me "Mister Easy"

My 5th Grade teacher sent me to the Principal’s Office when she caught me passing around my hand-written copy of Howie's Idiocy Magazine, my juvenile imitation of Mad Magazine – a revered publication among ten-year-olds at that time.

Photo of David Smith, owner of Ocean Breeze Copywriting


Yeah, that was me, bucking the system with my very first publishing venture.

In later years there was a stint on the school newspaper. Even later I did freelance work for local publications while working a “real” job to support my family.


Then I spent two years as the editor of a monthly newspaper in Indianapolis called the Christian Courier. Years later, with the rise of the Internet, blogging became my passion.


Finally, I discovered AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) and the world of copywriting.


For two years I studied and practiced, honing my skills and immersing myself in the wonderful courses that AWAI offers to promote the copywriting industry.


Finally I made the leap. I took a part-time job to keep paying the bills while I began building Ocean Breeze Copywriting.


Fast forward to today . . . and here we are!  Me writing copy, and you checking out my website in your search for a copywriter.


If you run a small business or a local non-profit, you don't want  (or need) a high-priced full-service marketing agency with lots of bells and whistles you can't afford.


You need a competent local copywriter who will deliver results for you without breaking the bank or finagling you into a costly retainer deal.


You just need someone who understands your needs and gives you great service for a fair price.


I pride myself on being easy to work with.  I believe in being as accommodating as I can for my clients.


My rates are reasonable.  I try to under-promise and over-deliver. I believe in being dependable and meeting deadlines.


I guess I’m just old school.


I’ve lived my entire life in Indiana. I feel the pulse of Middle America. As a baby-boomer, I’ve grown up with the hopes, fears, and dreams of the largest (and wealthiest) demographic target market in the country.


Get in touch with me today. Let’s talk about your marketing goals and how we’re going to get you there.


To help break the ice, I also give you a 50% discount on our first project.


Why do I make such a generous offer?


Simply so you can experience the bliss of my "no drama" guarantee…and then profit from the results my copywriting delivers for you.


Because I believe once we have worked together, you'll want to partner with me for the long haul.


Find out why they call me "Mister Easy"

(Full disclosure: actually, nobody calls me that but it was such an irresistible headline...)


BUT IT IS EASY to schedule a free phone consultation via email. No joking there.

Contact me at today. I'll get back to you within 48 hours.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for your interest. I will reply within 48 hours.

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