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  • David Smith

It Pays to be Sociable . . . Your Business Facebook Page is like 'Word of Mouth' on Steroids

I met an interesting woman at dinner a few weeks ago. My wife and I stopped in to check out a new resuarant in the neighborhood, and we met the manager while we were waiting on our order. Her name is Elizabeth, and she manages Don Juan's Peruvian Sandwich Shop at 3720 E. Raymond St. in Indianapolis. It's a small independent operation, and like most small business start-ups, money is tight. But Elizabeth has harnessed the power of Facebook to do some very effective online marketing without spending a cent! She set up a Facebook page for Don Juan's Peruvian Sandwiches and invited everyone she knew to "like" the page. She also makes a point of personally greeting new customers and encouraging them to visit the page. She posts specials and videos on a regular basis to give her Facebook friends something they can share with others. We all know "word of mouth" is the best (and cheapest!) advertising there is. A company Facebook page creates the opportunity for "word of mouth" to go viral. Elizabeth has wisely featured a block of reviews from happy diners at the very top of Don Juan's Facebook page. Since the food is so good, Don Juan's has garnered a 4.9-star rating from 124 reviewers so far. There is no better advertising than testimonials from happy customers! Check out Don Juan's Facebook page HERE. If you operate any kind of retail business, you need to have a business Facebook page. A small amount of time and effort will pay rich dividends in customer acquisition and loyalty.

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