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  • David Smith

You'd Better Know What You're Good For if You Want to Stand Out from the Crowd

To successfully market your business, you have to focus.

All of your marketing material should showcase your “Unique Selling Proposition.” Your USP is what sets you apart from the competition. It is what makes your business stand out as the obvious choice when a customer is shopping for the product or service that you offer. You must provide a meaningful benefit that strikes a chord with your prospect. It needs to be something that your competition does not offer...something only you can provide. If you are no different from the guy down the street, what incentive does a prospect have to do business with you? Suppose you have a dozen competitors making widgets. How can your company stand out from the crowd? Is your turn-around faster? Do you provide easy customization? Better customer service? Are your raw materials or manufacturing processes superior to others? Do you offer a variety of colors or styles that your competitors lack? If you are in the service field, what expertise sets you apart? What certifications or training do you have? What do your clients really want that you can supply better than your competitors? Obviously, you can compete on price, but why would you? You don't want to troll for the bottom of the market. You want to sell value, not discounts. You should maximize your margins by competing on value, quality, service and convenience. Create a compelling USP, then focus your marketing on it and set your business apart from the crowd.

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