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  • David Smith

The One Thing You Must Never Forget: Your Business Exists to Solve Your Customers' Problems

There is an old adage in marketing: "People don't buy the drill. They buy the hole the drill makes."

So simple. So obvious. So true.

And sometimes, so easily forgotten.

If you want a prospective customer to purchase anything from you - a widget or a service - you must convince them that what you have to offer is the best solution to their problem.

You must grab their attention with a big promise, and then persuasively demonstrate that you can fulfill it.

Of course it is necessary to describe all the wonderful and unique features of your product or service. But what the customer really wants to know is: "How does this benefit me?"

Will it drill the hole? Will it solve the problem?

Ultimately, the only thing that any of us has to sell is a solution to someone else's problem.

A good copywriter will help you showcase the unique benefits of your product...and also help you dig down to the root problem that your customers want you to solve for them.

Then it is simply a matter of translating that message into a compelling story told through a direct mail piece, sales brochure, case study or website.

If you want bigger profits, invest in good copywriting that grabs the attention of potential customers and proves to them that you are the one who will solve their problems.

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