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Ocean waves on a tropical beach inspire the work of David Smith, owner of Ocean Breeze Copywriting.


Man reading newsletter on his tablet

Newsletters Build Your Reputation & Create Great Customer Relationships.

How would you like to have each one of your customers thinking about you every month? That can happen if you are regularly emailing them the latest issue of your company's newsletter.


If you provide professional services (such as dental, chiropractic, accounting, financial planning) the best way to keep your clients engaged is by emailing a newsletter.

Your monthly newsletter establishes you as a trusted and helpful expert in your field.

This consistent content marketing keeps your name front and center in your clients' minds. And they will be thinking of you the next time they need the services that you provide.

I can make that happen for you. I will customize your format and create as much of the content as you desire. How much you are actively involved is entirely up to you.

I also handle all the production details, update the address list, monitor delivery to your subscribers, and send you a report detailing open and response rates.

Give me a call. You'll be surprised how economically a newsletter can increase customer loyalty . . . and your bottom line . . . without taking any of your scarce time!



Two men shaking hands and sharing a sales brochure

Give Your Sales Reps the Tools They Really Need!

Let's face it – most sales brochures are dull listings of product features and a re-hash of basic company contact information that anyone could find online.

Wouldn't you like to distribute sales brochures that actually SELL?

I'll make sure your company's Unique Selling Proposition is the focus of your brochure.  The benefits that you provide will be front and center – where they should be – motivating your prospect to take action and call you for more information.

Don't just drop off a glorified calling card when you visit a prospect . . . leave them a focused sales message that will warm them up for your next sales call.

Direct Mail


A man wearing a sequin suit stands out in a crowd just like my direct mail copywriting will make your company stand out from the crowd

I'll Make You Stand Out from the Crowd without Breaking the Bank


Direct Mail advertising is a proven, time-tested method for reaching prospects in a cost-effective manner.

​Even in this era of social media, Direct Mail still creates value for those who know how to use it effectively.

According to the 2015 edition of the Direct Marketing Association Statistical Fact Book,

companies in the United States spent $46 billion on Direct Mail in 2014—up from the $44.8 billion spent in 2013, when the average American household received 19.1 pieces of advertising each week!


Why do so many companies invest so much money in Direct Mail marketing campaigns? Because they work!

And Direct Mail is more affordable than you might imagine.

Call me to discuss how to get a big marketing bang for a small budgeting buck!

Social Media


Putting a finger on the pulse of digital social media content.

Millennials Continue to Drive the Growth of Content Marketing


According to Search Engine Journal, the number of active monthly Facebook users has swollen from 606 million in 2010 to over 1.5 BILLION in 2015!

And the average Facebook user spends 42 minutes per day on the site.

I can help you deploy a consistent social media strategy – with regular posts to Facebook, LinkedIn, and the blog on your company's website – that will keep your brand in front of the ever-growing ranks of consumers on social media.

Here's another factoid – over 68% of Facebook users connect via a mobile device. These are engaged consumers with mobile fingertip access to the information they want. YOU need to be there with your company's message.

4 Good Reasons to Subscribe Today 

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