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What kind of work do you most like to do?


My favorite projects are newsletters and Direct Mail campaigns.

Newsletters allow for some breezier content and a more personal tone. Direct Mail offers the challenge of increasing response rates as compared to previous campaigns.

I have fun working on both of these types of projects, and I think that shows in the final results.


What are your rates?

I charge a flat fee for each project. Every job is different, so prices will vary.

My rates are well within industry norms . . . and I am currently offering a substantial "first project" discount for new clients.

​Call me today and we can schedule your free initial consultation, either by phone or in person. (I'll even buy the coffee if you agree to meet me at Panera Bread!)

​Once I have a good idea of your needs, I will submit a price quote in a contract proposal that details everything we discussed about the scope of the project.

​This gives you a price guarantee and helps you nail down your budget.

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Will you do rush jobs?


Gee, are you asking about that already?

Seriously though, rushing a job is asking for trouble. If you are in a jam I will do all I can to help you out. But you are cheating yourself if you are rushing your copywriter on a regular basis.

It takes time to write the best copy, since the secret sauce of good copywriting simmers in the stew of editing and re-writing. You can rush it and get adequate, but I don't want to give you adequate.

I want to give you great!

So, to answer your question . . . if my schedule allows, I can do a rush job to help bail you out. But that should be the exception, not the rule.


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How long will it take to finish my project?


Every project is unique, so it varies.

In ballpark terms, a newsletter would take about a week. I like to allow two weeks to complete a four-page direct sales letter.

Please note that this clock starts ticking AFTER we have discussed the scope of the project, you have given me all the data I need, and I have your signed purchase order in hand.

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How soon can you begin my job?


As soon as I have received your down payment and a signed purchase order authorizing the work.

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What are your payment terms?


50% down, due when you give me the purchase order.

​The balance is due upon receipt of the completed project.

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Do you charge for revisions?


One revision is included in the price quote.

When I have completed the project, I will submit a proposed draft for your approval. We can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with the copy.

If you want changes made, just mark up that proposed draft and I will revise the copy per your instructions.

If you later change your mind and want more extensive revisions than we first discussed, I will submit another proposal based on the scope of that additional work.

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Do you offer graphic design services?


Yes and no.

It depends upon your needs.

I am not a graphic artist. That is a skill that requires an artistic flair that I sadly do not possess. If you need something graphically that is going to "wow" somebody, I am not your guy.

But if your needs are more basic, and you simply want a serviceable layout that features solid sales copy, I can absolutely get that done for you.

This website is an example of what I mean. I did this myself on WIX. It looks OK, it gets the job done, but there is nothing here that will ever win a graphic design award.

So please keep in mind that I am a professional copywriter – NOT a graphic artist


Will you re-write an existing sales letter?


Absolutely. I specialize in copy editing and re-writing.

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Why the name Ocean Breeze Copywriting?


Well, if I called it David Smith Copywriting you'd never be able to find me!

Since I couldn't use my own name, I figured I would find something that brings a pleasant image to mind.
For years I have dreamed of becoming a "snow bird".

I love living in Indiana, but I've had enough of Hoosier winters. I plan to be writing my winter sales copy from somewhere in Florida.

So thinking about that ocean breeze motivates me to keep working my tail off!


What is this "No Drama" guarantee about?


I've heard stories about "prima donnas" in this business. Any type of creative field can attract people with big egos who are hard to deal with.

I'm not that kind of guy.

I will bend over backwards to meet your copy needs. I won't be satisfied until you are satisfied.

If you like working with me (and I believe you will) you will bring me more work in the future. Simple as that. My goal is to develop a core group of happy, repeat clients.

So if you like my work . . . respect my time and efforts . . . and cheerfully pay on time, then I will accept more work from you in the future.

I am a reasonable person searching for reasonable clients. If that describes you, then we can form a mutually profitable relationship that will truly be "No Drama!"


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Can I see some samples of your work?



​This website, of course, is one example.

​Check out an issue of my Making Waves email newsletter HERE.   (And be sure to subscribe while you're there!)


You can read the email newsletter I produced for some missionary friends of mine HERE.

Read a long-copy direct mail letter I wrote HERE.

​You can see an advertisement I wrote in letter form for a local restaurant HERE.

​Browse around the website I created to sell my first book HERE.

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Success! Message received.

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